Adorn Straight (Closure)

This superior-quality hairpiece creates a luxurious mane of soft, natural waves.




Keshini’s Straight Lace Closure is the last section needed to complement the hair extension installation process. This closure is a simple piece that will finalize your hair, so your crown looks completely natural. It can be parted anywhere you like and it is quite easy to maintain and style. The base is made of Swiss lace for superior comfort and most people will testify that it feels and breaths better than a typical hair extension weave.


CHEMICAL FREE: Our hair has never been chemically processed or altered and has undergone a lifetime of careful grooming using traditional natural herbal oils.

CUTICLE INTACT: The cuticle is intact running from the root to the ends of the hair giving the hair an incomparable soft feel, opulent sheen and tangle-free manageability.

LONGEVITY: The hair will last a minimum of one year with care. After numerous shampoos and reinstalls, it is as beautiful as it was the first day.


The color range for the majority of Indian virgin hair is anywhere from black to off black. On a color chart, it would be a 1B or 2. Our hair can be dyed or bleached with beautiful results due to its virgin quality.

ABOUT LACE FRONT CLOSURE Each Lace Front hairpiece provides an undetectable parted area with a silk base.

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