Natural Virgin Indian Hair Colored Collection




Our styles of Indian human hair extensions are available for you in vibrant and natural looking color choices. This luxurious hair is tangle-free and easily styled, so you can choose a look that truly suits your personality and taste.


CUTICLE INTACT: Every cuticle is fully intact and runs from the root down to the very tip of the hair. This is what gives our hair that incredibly soft texture, tangle-free manageability, and luxurious sheen.

LONGEVITY: This high-quality hair should last at least one full year, as long as it is being properly maintained. It will still have its healthy appearance and texture after countless shampoos, styles, and reinstalls.


MACHINE WEFTED: Our wefts are superior and can withstand multiple installs, because we use reinforced machine wefts. This advanced technology results in significantly less shedding and increased longevity.

INNOVATIVE COLOR PROCESS: Our virgin hair undertakes a specialized one or two day color process depending on the shade that we are looking to create. We make sure that the hair’s cuticle is completely protected during the coloring process, so the hair’s vitality and vibrancy is never compromised. This hair can be recolored by using a chemical lift to open up the cuticles and adding in pigment. This should only be handled by a trained professional.

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