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Experience the sleek elegance of KESHINI's BONE STRAIGHT Wig. Immerse yourself in the luxurious texture of straight Remy Human Hair that exudes sophistication. The wig is designed with an average-size cap for a comfortable fit, and it's GLUELESS for easy and hassle-free application. Achieve a polished and timeless look with the BONE STRAIGHT Wig from KESHINI. Perfect for various occasions, this wig allows you to express your style with ease and confidence.

The Keshini Hair True Collection represents our commitment to delivering the highest quality human hair extensions. Carefully selected and meticulously prepared, our True Collection offers a range of textures and lengths to cater to various styling needs. With a focus on authenticity and excellence, the True Collection is a testament to our dedication to providing premium, unprocessed, and ethically sourced human hair for an unparalleled hair experience.


At Keshini, we want you to be satisfied with your wig purchase. Please note the following guidelines for returns and exchanges:

  1. Initiate within 7 Days: Returns and exchanges must be initiated within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt.
  2. Try-On with Wig Cap: Use the provided wig cap to try on your wig for fit without altering it. This ensures the unit remains in new, unused condition.
  3. Preserve Original Condition: Keep all original packaging intact. Do not sew on your wig, or add clips or bands.
  4. Refund and Exchange Eligibility: Refunds and exchanges will only be processed for new, unused wigs. Ensure all original tags are attached, and the piece is returned in its original packaging, accompanied by the original receipt.

For full terms and conditions of your purchase, please click here.

Thank you for choosing Keshini. We're here to make your experience as fabulous as your hair!

S.I.L.K Lace Front Wigs should fit circumferences ranging from 21-23", and a diameter up to 14.5".

  • Circumference: 22"
  • Hairline to nape/Diameter: 14.5"
  • Ear-to-Ear (across forehead): 11.45"
  • Ear-to-Ear (across the top) Hairline: 14.5"
  • Temple-to temple (around back): 16"
  • Nape of neck: 4.5"

Use our KESHINI measuring system to select your size! Download this handy guide for photo examples or follow the guidelines below.

When fitting for a Keshini Lace Front Wig, consider taking a few measurements. Use measuring tape or download our Keshini Ruler. For the most accurate dimensions, take measurements with your natural hair either braided or in a flat wrap. An existing install may provide inaccurate results.

How to measure your head for the Lace Front Wig:

  • Circumference: From the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear, and then back to the front hairline
  • Diameter: From hairline to nape

Use the custom tab to tell customers about your product. List product features, technical specifications, and visual attributes. A detailed description will help us show your product to the right customers.

We recommend shampooing your S.I.L.K Lace Front Wig as needed, at least once a month. Use lukewarm water and Indique Hair Care Essentials Shampoo for cleansing, followed by Indique Hair Care Essentials Conditioner to lock in moisture.

Take extra care near the ventilated lace areas of your wig:

  • Refrain from excessive tugging, scratching, or pulling on the hair, as strands could be released from the base.
  • During shampooing, avoid applying shampoo or conditioner directly on the lace to prevent damage to the delicate workmanship.

If you notice balding or thin areas in your wig, consider seeking a professional specializing in reventilation. Re-ventilation involves adding more hair to balding or thin areas. A specialist can also repair tears in the lace, add hair, or replace lace where it has worn out.

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